Service Packages


Service packages for each level of business endeavor;
From small one person hobby turned business, to the serious single entrepreneur making a go of their professional dreams to the laser focused professional looking to give their already successful business a launch into expansion on the digital front.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types on content do you offer?

Digital content to include, but not limited to; copy writing, graphic design, ghost writing, email capture, lead creation, brand newsletters, email campaigns. Content catered to fit your brand voice.

Can you set up a website if I do not already have one?

More than just consulting or makreting Molly Wilshere Consulting works with her clients to help build out and utilize digital tools to help their business run more efficiently.

Do you offer classes?

Classes are offered in topics toward better pathways for considerations made about your business. A Variety of topics to include; Web Construction & Design, Email Campaign Design, Brand Discoverability & Acessability, Brand Strategy , Brand Voice, Social Buying.

Does your consultation only come as monthly packages?

No, every client has different needs.
Many will find the monthly option more cost effective, however, in addition all services are offered individually in an a’la carte style.

Do you offer more than Consultation?

Offed are a variety of services to our clients. From business planning to web design and construction, into the integration of different marketing techniques Molly Wilshere Consulting utilized a comprehensive approach.

Am I too small of a company to work with you?

No company or idea is too small to benefit from some planning. While the desicion to impliment every offering may not be the right one at this time for your business, Molly Wilshere Consulting works with you to find the balance between your needs and your budget.

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