No one said this was going to be easy, but no one said it couldn’t be fun either.

 No matter what the business type you have there will be moments where the path before you where you knew where everything was going will head straight into a brick wall. This brick wall can be a number of different literal obstacles in business, and for some is their brand’s demise.

If you begin, however, to look at the concept of businesses,  in particular the survivors, you will find one thing in common. None of these businesses stayed on the straight path ahead of them.
The word used in business is “Pivot”, and what the great gurus of today and days gone by are telling us is if you are so focused on one element of your business, you fail to see the goal of the business, which is to continue to be a business.

I myself have had a fair share of happenstance, or seemingly “unfortunate” situations arise, but in that moment, when I was heading straight for what I thought was the path of myself and my business I moved those feet, any by doing so I was able to dance through the raindrops. I wasn’t going where I thought I was  going to and ended up on roads I would never have predicted, but what each and every  little Jig I did taught me was another tidbit of knowledge I would hide away for that next rainy day. And that information gained added on and added on, each dance helping to avoid those raindrops and made it, dare I say, enjoyable to dance in everyone else’s proverbial rain. It’s not always about being the absolute best, business is about being the most dynamic, the most flexible, and the most adaptable.

In a world where tech is evolving before our eyes, where we are seeing “generations” of tech come, be praise, and in the garbage the next year, we have to be just ad adaptable and ready to evolve with the world around us.
When we adapt, when we change, this can be the metamorphosis we need to do do become the most beautiful versions of ourselves.